The Amazing Spiderman Trailer

           In the first Amazing Spiderman movie, Peter Parker, the main character, is just a normal teenage kid in high school, but lives with his aunt and uncle. He goes to school with his girlfriend, Gwen Stacey, who has an internship at Oscorp Industries. Peter goes to Oscorp Industries because he finds his dad's old briefcase full of information and findings. When he is there, he goes into places he is not supposed to, and gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Once waking up the next morning, he realizes he has the abilities of a spider. He creates web shooters for his wrists so he can swing from building to building. Peter would sleep during school, and have to go fight crime at night, leaving him not focused on school, and more focused on saving the world. That made his aunt and uncle confused. But once Peter's uncle, Ben dies, he sees the world from a different perspective and becomes a hero, promising many people, many things. Including a promise to Gwen's father, to stay away from Gwen to keep her out of trouble. As hard as that was, he kept his promise once Gwen's father passed away, cuasing Gwen to be upset with Peter for no longer speaking to her.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer

           In the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie, it starts off with Spider-Man fighting people and saving lives, as usual, while he is supposed to be at his high school graduation. Gwen, his girlfriend, is giving a speech and notices he isn't here in his seat. After the graduation, Peter goes to dinner with Gwen's family, but shows up late. Peter feels bad for not keeping the promise to Gwen's father, so they break up, which does not stop Spider-Man from looking over Gwen, without her knowing. Max, Spider-Man's biggest fan, turns into Electro. Peter meets up with an old friend, Harry, and wants to help him due to the passing of Harry's father. Harry ends up needing Spider-Man's blood, which becomes a huge problem, since Peter can't give him blood, or it will kill him. Peter runs into Gwen, and needs her to distract someone for him. They end up hanging out, and dating again. Harry ends up being very angry with Spider-Man, becomes a villian himself, and has Electro on his side. Harry and ELectro battle Spider-Man, and Gwen won't leave as Peter requested. In the end, Gwen dies, trying to help Peter, causing Peter to go into hiding with Spider-Man, leaving the world in need. But the outro of the second movie leads to an intro to a third, when Peter comes to save a little boy dressed as Spider-Man trying to defeat a villian.